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Frequently Asked Questions

It's easy, simply click the link here and fill out the form. Someone from our team will contact you to onboard you.

LPP competes well with the other CRM's. Mainly, we have streamlined many of the day to day tasks making it simple for the attorney to use and maneuver. We have kept things simple but this doesn't mean the CRM is not robust. We have unlimited amounts of storage included, and 10 spots for users with no additional costs.

We ethically and legally source "Opted in" leads from local areas daily. A certain amount is guaranteed monthly.

Once you have subscribed any additional features will be provided at no additional cost.

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Our Happy Clients

Miranda Snyder

Working with my attorneys i am able to easily manage their cases & clients with ease finally! 

Harold Harrison

Being a young lawyer in FL I was so relieved to have found a tool for the new age of practicing law with a tool that works as hard and quick as me! 

Debra Reyes

Working as a paralegal it is important to have a tool i can connect with and collaborate with the attorneys easily and sharing data / documents in a moments notice. 

Kylie Romero

The transition from my previous CRM was smooth and easy with an onboarding team to surely remember. 

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